About Us – Moetapele Academy

Full Time, Part Time and Corporate Study


It is a scientific fact that an arrow has maximum reach when launched at 45 degrees. We do our utmost to provide services that allow clients to gain optimal results.

For Maximum Reach.


We strive to deliver a reliable innovative and complete service when we consult, facilitate and train. We:

  • enable employers to fulfill to the requirements of legislation
  • offer best strategic and integrated solutions for Skills Development, Employment Equity and BBBEE
  • facilitate quality training for optimal productivity


  1. Our way of business is guided by strong ethical values and principles
  2. Our staff is professional, respectful and well trained
  3. We stay loyal to our clients and serve their interest as far as possible
  4. We bent backwards and deliver as fast as we can
  5. We are innovative and seek fit for purpose solutions till we find them

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