Consulting Services – Moetapele Academy

Full Time, Part Time and Corporate Study

Consulting Services (Skills Development ACT)Consulting Services

Advise, develop, compile and submit Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports in time to SETAS

Render assistance to manage the skills development process

Advise, assist and manage Learnership implementation (align implementation with BEE plan, recruit and manage learners, liaise with the SETA, etc)

Consulting Services (Employment Equity Act)

Advise, develop and submit annual reports in time to the Dept of Labour

Advise and assist to manage the complete process as prescribed by the Act (analysis, EE plan, Forum, Policies, etc)

Consulting Services (BBBEE Act)

Develop and assist with implementation of strategies to optimize points on the scorecard

Assist with a pre-audit

Advise, assist, compile and submit BEE Files to the verification agency (liaise with the verifier)

Training and Development

Moetapele Academy is fully accredited with Merseta and has agreements with a number of other training institutions. This allows us to offer a wide variety of fully accredited qualifications, learnerships, skills programmes, certificates, diplomas and non-credit bearing short courses and workshops.

Agreements with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Oakfields College, City and Guilds

These programmes are offered in a variety of ways

Full time: Learners join the campus and student life while qualifying themselves for a career

Part time: Learners who are willing and able to do learning programmes after hours

Flexi time: This option is available to learners who are highly motivated, time sensitive and want to learn at optimum pace and effort

Virtual learning: We have created a virtual programme similar to the workplace environment where the learner becomes a key player surrounded by a number of typical workplace characters, some supportive, others spiteful and antagonistic – just as in the workplace. And whilst the learner is taken through all the necessary requirements to comply to all the unit standards as set by the qualification, the leaner must also learn how to cope with all these characters.